Gehl R & V Series Poly Windshield


Compatibility Details:

Fits the following Gehl R/V Series equipment:

  • R190, R220, R260, V270 GEN:2, V330 GEN:2, V400
  • Available in 1/4” and 1/2″ thick polycarbonate

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Invest in durability, safety, and performance with our Gehl R & V Series Poly Windshield. Here’s why it’s your top choice:

  • OEM Precision Fit: Each windshield replicates OEM glass #244242, with duplicated mounting holes for easy installation using existing hardware. The milled edges further ease the door seal replacement process.
  • Durability: Our windshield is crafted from clear Lexan/Polycarbonate material, making it impact-resistant. It provides enhanced durability and operator safety for the rigors of forestry work.
  • Optimal Abrasion Resistance: Our windshield is coated on both sides for maximum abrasion resistance. This maintains clarity over time for better visibility even in harsh conditions.
  • Lightweight and Strong: Our windshield is half the weight of glass and 250 times stronger. This reduces vehicle weight while offering superior protection, noise reduction, and increased light transmission.
  • Climate Control: Experience reduced summer heat gain and winter heat loss with a comfortable environment for operators year-round.

Installation and Lead Time

Please note that hardware is not included with the windshield to allow for customization and use of existing fittings. Given the high demand for our quality products, allow for a 4-week lead time to ensure your windshield is crafted to meet our strict standards.

Why Choose Forestry Doors?

Choosing forestry doors means investing in the safety, efficiency, and comfort of your operations. Our door replacement and windshield options stand out for their:

  • SHIELDS® SUPERCOAT™ Enhancement: Our doors are fortified with the durable SHIELDS® SUPERCOAT™. This advanced coating ensures that the polycarbonate remains crystal clear and free from the common afflictions of yellowing, hazing, or fogging over time.
  • Hard Coating Process: Our doors undergo a rigorous hard coating process. This special treatment significantly increases their abrasion resistance to maintain visibility and durability in harsh working environments.
  • Dust Reduction and Climate Control: One of the standout features of our forestry doors is their ability to significantly reduce dust entry into the cab. Coupled with their design that effectively regulates cab temperatures, our doors ensure a comfortable working environment regardless of the weather. This makes long working hours bearable and safer.
  • Warranty Support: We are confident in the quality and durability of our products at Skid Steer Polycarbonate. Hence, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty specifically covering the SHIELDS® SUPERCOAT™. This warranty reflects our commitment to delivering products that operators can rely on for protection, visibility, and comfort.

Get Gehl Windshield Replacements from Skid Steer Polycarbonate

Skid Steer Polycarbonate delivers Gehl skid steer owners looking for reliability and quality in windshield replacements. Our Gehl R & V Series Poly Windshields are precision-engineered from high-grade Lexan polycarbonate. This material choice ensures durability, safety, and clear visibility, crucial for any operational environment.

These windshields are designed for easy installation and match OEM specifications for a perfect fit. The impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant features of our products mean less maintenance and longer life for your equipment. Plus, the lightweight design doesn’t just make installation easier; it contributes to better fuel efficiency and machine balance.

Our focus at Skid Steer Polycarbonate is straightforward: provide durable, safe, and clear windshield solutions that enhance operator comfort and job site efficiency. Equip your Gehl skid steer with Skid Steer Polycarbonate for a difference you can see and feel.

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1/2", 1/4", 3/8"


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