Takeuchi Skid Steer Door

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About the Takeuchi Skid Steer Door

If you need Takeuchi skid steer windshield replacements that are an upgrade from what comes with the models straight off the factory lines, we’re glad you’ve found us. At Forestry Doors, we have a variety of windshield replacement products that are tougher and more durable than the standard factory windshield and come with a number of other benefits for your operators. Here you’ll find durable, high-quality Takeuchi door glass for a few different skid steer models. Find what you need at Forestry Doors today!

While these kinds of replacement products are commonly referred to as Takeuchi door glass, our Takeuchi skid steer windshield replacements are actually made from a unique Lexan polycarbonate material that closely resembles glass but is far superior when it comes to strength, durability, visibility, insulation, and a variety of other factors that are beneficial on the job site. Thanks to its unique chemical structure, polycarbonate is 250x stronger than glass, making it impact-resistant in addition to being much tougher. We’ve also coated both sides for optimal abrasion resistance, further increasing operator safety. What’s even more amazing about polycarbonate is that despite being so much stronger than glass, it’s about half the weight, so you won’t have to worry about slowing your SSLs down with our replacement windshields.